Friday, January 15, 2010

My wife and I attended the first policy speech by Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott at the Sydney Institute last Thursday evening. I was impressed with the way Mr Abbott drew upon the goodwill and voluntary service of thousands of Australians in the matter of taking care of our environment.

I thought it was a realistic and practical way for all of us to deal with the massive concept of climate change.

It pointed to ways we could actually participate in helping Australia to realistically face the global climate change issue, as opposed to talking about melting glaciers, problematic hotting up or cooling down of world temperatures, and so forth. Here is something we can get our hands on and do something about, instead of waffle on about big ideas that may or may not be what they are claimed to be. What do you think?

Talking Points

Most of us like to talk! True! So, why not talk on the Internet.

How silly of me to say so, with Facebook, Twitter, and the multi-purpose mobile phone all in use my millions of people on this planet.

Nevertheless, a quiet blogspot where we can conduct a quiet conversation on matters going on in the world today, may attract a few of you to "talk" to me in this blog medium. ... At least I am hoping you will do so, and that I will be able to maintain the conversation on topics that I am able to contribute a sensiblie thought or two, to.

With so much going on in the world today, from climate change, a global economic crisis, local issues and concerns, you'd think that we are not short of things to share opinions and views about in this less than rapid-firing medium of the blog. Let's see!

Have a nice day.

Grandpa Wal